In Cropital, doing good comes with great rewards.

Grow your money by helping our farmers. Your decision to join our
community brings our smallholder farmers a step closer to the hope of
a better life.

We are the first and the only crowdfunding platform enabling you to help finance our farmers.

Short Term

Invest in farms that will be ready for harvest in 4-6 months.


What's in It for You

Connect with our farmers

We provide you an opportunity to directly impact the lives of our farmers.

Grow your money

We provide you with an alternative medium for investment and an additional source of income for living.

Social Impact Invesment

We are a social impact investment tool that helps you wherein you help our farmers but at the same time while also earning for your future.

You can be a Pioneer of Hope for the farmers.

Harness the power of many and together, we can help empower our farmers.