Terms & Conditions

Joining the Cropital Community

  1. Cropital is a social impact investing platform connecting interested investors/the general public to skilled local farmers.

  2. Cropital connects you, the user to farmers which are thoroughly selected, trained, and have been provided access to crop insurance.

  3. Investing on farms/crops has several risks. Cropital through its partner organisations helps mitigate these risks.

Description of Service

  1. Cropital is a crowdfunding platform subject to the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission that enables users to view, select, lend, and monitor local farmers.

  2. Cropital and its partner agricultural organisations curate, train, monitor, and provide access to crop insurance to farmers featured in the platform. Please see our How It Works page to know how.

  3. Cropital is a connector and enabler. It connects interested lenders to skilled farmers. It enables investors to finance farmers offsite. It conducts due diligence, monitoring, and collections on behalf of the lender.

  4. Cropital does not guarantee any returns to its users.

Changes in Terms of Use by Cropital

  1. Cropital may change these Terms of Use at any time and such change shall be effective upon posting the new Terms of Use on the Cropital website. Any visit to the Cropital Site or use of the Cropital Services on any of the Sites by you after the new Terms are posted will indicate your agreement to such change. Therefore, it is important you read this page regularly to ensure you are familiar with the most updated terms.

Indemnity of Information

  1. Cropital bears no representation, or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of information provided. You agree that the company shall not have any liability to you relating to or resulting from use of information. In furtherance of the foregoing, you hereby release the Company from any and all liabilities to your regardless of when such liabilities may arise.


  1. All users and guests are given access to Cropital. However, users and guests are prohibited from using any device, software or other instruments to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper use of our site. Any disruptive actions to destroy, damage or overburden the website and it’s servers is a punishable offence by law. Moreover, you are also prohibited from using any bots, automated processes, and spiders of the like, to monitor or copy our website and its respective content without prior consent or authorization from Cropital. You may not obtain or attempt to obtain unauthorized access to the site along with its registered users and farm partners may it be intentional or unintentional.

Account Registration and Termination

  1. All users and guests should have a registered account in order to be eligible to finance farmers. All information submitted shall be correct and updated. Completing the registration means that you acknowledge and accept all terms and conditions of Cropital.

Terms of Use

  1. Selection of Farm/s: Users can browse all featured farms throughout the website. Users may select in which farm/s to invest in.

  2. Payment: Users need to put credits into their virtual wallet in order to finance a farmer. Please see our How It Works page to learn more.

  3. Monitoring: Users shall be updated regularly on the progress of the farm/s in which they have financed/invested. Progress reports shall be provided through notification in users' Cropital accounts. After the harvest, users will receive a financial statement of their farm and shall receive back the money they initially invested together with the shared earnings.

  4. Re-investment: Once the credits have been uploaded into users' virtual wallet, users may opt to reinvest in new farms shown on the website.

  5. Withdrawal: Users may opt to withdraw their credits in their virtual wallet. Please see our How It Works page to learn more.

Privacy Policy

Why we collect personal data and how we use it

Cropital Enterprises Corporation (“Cropital”) collects personal data in order to:

  • Provide you services as specified in our website terms and conditions of use and the crowdfunding memorandum of agreement
  • Comply with legal requirements, including the regulations enforced by the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Maintain the security of our systems, particularly our information technology platforms
  • Improve business operations and services, especially through the use of data analytics
  • Create new offerings and promotions and inform you of these through appropriate channels, including direct marketing

What personal data we collect and how we collect it

We collect your personal data through several channels:

Crowdfunding Platform

You provide us your name and email address when we you sign up for an account on our Platform.

You also provide us additional information as you avail of our services through the platform, including your legal name and related documentary information when you verify your account, and your bank account number when you request a withdrawal of funds.

Your usage of the Platform also implies the transmission of your IP address to our systems, as well as the automated collection of potentially-personal data by our partners/service providers (see the section on Affiliates and service providers).

Communications with our support teams

When you contact us through any of our official support channels, you provide us your contact information as well as any information that are pertinent to your particular concern.

Affiliates and service providers

Cropital may receive your personal data through affiliates and service providers to whom you also give your consent to share personal data with us, according to their respective privacy agreements.

This data collection may be initiated by you, for example when you open an account with Cropital-affiliated companies, or may be automated, in the form of web browser cookies, such as when you visit our site, which employs a web traffic monitoring tool.

See the section Who we share your data with for the list of these affiliates and service providers.

How long we retain your data

We retain your personal data for as long as you maintain an account with us. Your data is deleted when your account is closed, whether upon your request or upon Cropital's initiative (dependent on applicable account dormancy rules).

Personal data may be retained, as provided for by the Data Privacy Act (Republic Act 10173 ), to comply with anti-money laundering regulations and similar legal requirements.

Non-personal data attached to your account which are generated in the course of your relationship with Cropital, such as, for example, anonymous information on transactions and anonymized traffic data, may be retained by Cropital beyond your account's closure.

How we protect your data

Cropital strives to maintain appropriate levels of organizational, physical, and technical measures to protect your personal data. These measures include, but are not limited to, securing our information technology platforms by keeping our software fully patched against vulnerabilities, employing recommended levels of encryption, and restricting access to our systems to only qualified and authorized personnel.

Who we share your data with

The following is a list of affiliates, partners, and service providers who may receive personal and non-personal data from us, for further processing according to the purposes set out in the section Why we collect personal data. By agreeing to this privacy policy, you also provide your consent for us to share your personal data with these entities, which may be merely acting either as an information processor (in an outsourcing relationship with Cropital), or as an information controller (in a data sharing relationship with Cropital).

Some of these entities also directly collect your data through the integration of their systems with our platforms. By using the relevant components of our services, you also agree to their respective privacy policies.

Name Data Categories Purpose of Processing
Amazon Web Services All user data and content Hosting of Cropital's technology platforms for the provision of core services.
Automattic IP address, WordPress.com account information Traffic monitoring and content publishing services through Automattic's Jetpack service.
Dragonpay Name, email address, and limited banking information Provision of payment services; Dragonpay receives the required information for identification of the customers; Cropital receives limited banking information (e.g. which bank or payment channel a user utilizes).
Facebook Profile name, email address, browser cookies Social media-based single sign-on (a.k.a. Facebook Login) and engagement tracking.
Google Some user data and content, IP address, browser cookies Cropital utilizes several Google services, including reCAPTCHA, Analytics, and Workspace (Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides) for system security, to monitor and analyze user engagement, and to provide our core services (e.g. through the use of Google's office software).
hCaptcha IP address and related technical data Security against abusive uses of our systems.
HubSpot Name, email address, other contact information, relevant user content, user activity User communications and support.
Telerivet/Yondu Name and contact number Direct marketing.
TripleA Name, transaction reference number (bitcoin address), IP address, country of location, email address, proof of identity Provision of payment services; TripleA receives email address from Cropital; TripleA collects varying amounts of personal data dependent on transaction thresholds.

Your rights and how you can exercise them

As provided for by the Data Privacy Act , you have several rights as a data subject, including the right to be informed about whether any personal data pertaining to you is in our possession, and the rights to access or rectify your data, to object to its processing, or to order its erasure.

For any inquiries or requests, refer to the procedure and contact details documented in our Help Center . For account and data deletion requests specifically, see the support article “How do I delete my Cropital account?” .